USHJA Committees

USHJA Committee Interest

 Working Groups

There are two working groups: Hunter Working Group and Jumper Working Group.

Hunter Working Group Task Forces/Ad Hoc Committees

Jumper Working Group Task Forces/Ad Hoc Committees

Joint Hunter and Jumper
Task Forces

Children/Adult Task Force
Hunter Breeding Task Force

International Hunter Derby Task Force
Junior Task Force
National Hunter Derby Task Force
Pony Task Force
Pre-Green Incentive Task Force
WCHR Task Force


Children/Adult Task Force
Young Jumper Task Force
Young Riders Task Force


Amateurs Task Force
Equitation Task Force
Owners Task Force
Thoroughbred Task Force

 Standing Committees

Administrative Committees

Sport Committees

Awards Committee
Audit Committee
Budget and Finance Committee
Conduct Committee
Rules Committee
Wheeler Museum Committee


Competition Management Committee
Competition Standards Committee
Emerging Athletes Program Committee

Horse and Rider Advocates Committee
Officials Committee


Officials Education Committee
Trainer Certification Program Committee

 Zone Committees

There are two zone councils:Zone Hunter Council and Zone Jumper Council.
Each of the 12 USHJA Zones have a hunter and jumper committee.

Zone Hunter Council


Zone Jumper Council

Zone 1 Hunter Committee
Zone 2 Hunter Committee
Zone 3 Hunter Committee
Zone 4 Hunter Committee
Zone 5 Hunter Committee
Zone 6 Hunter Committee
Zone 7 Hunter Committee
Zone 8 Hunter Committee
Zone 9 Hunter Committee
Zone 10 Hunter Committee


Zone 1 Jumper Committee
Zone 2 Jumper Committee
Zone 3 Jumper Committee
Zone 4 Jumper Committee
Zone 5 Jumper Committee
Zone 6 Jumper Committee
Zone 7 Jumper Committee
Zone 8 Jumper Committee
Zone 9 Jumper Committee
Zone 10 Jumper Committee

Zone 11 Hunter and Jumper Committee
Zone 12 Hunter and Jumper Committee

USHJA Committee Handbook