WCHR Member Event Selection

World Championship Hunter Rider Member Events are determined on an annual basis by evaluating applications, member evaluations, member voting*, competition standards, geographic distribution and member concentration. The USHJA WCHR Task Force will provide a list of recommended host venues to the USHJA Hunter Working Group for their approval, who will then submit the final draft list to the USHJA Executive Committee for their review and approval. All Premier and National competitions are eligible to apply to host a WCHR Member Event.

*Each WCHR Member is entitled to vote one time for a specified Member Events of their choice in their declared region as well as their top 10 national Member Events.


The country will be divided geographically into eight regions and there will be a maximum number of Member Event Competitions during the qualifying year.

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Competitions Selected as WCHR Member Events

Each approved WCHR Member Event is required to remit a $1,000 host fee which supports the WCHR programs.

For each WCHR Member Event held USHJA will provide:

  • Advertising of the WCHR Member Event in the USHJA E-Update, In Stride magazine, www.ushja.org and other appropriate print publications.
  • Logos, class specifications, and ads for inclusion in the prize list. As you get ready to print your prize list please contact USHJA with the size and color of your prize list so you receive the appropriate logo and advertising.
  • All banners and signage to be displayed during the WCHR Member Event.
  • All public address and sponsor announcements to be read during the WCHR Member Event.

Within 10 days following the completion of the Member Event, full results must be submitted electronically to USEF in accordance with the current USEF Rules.

The United States Equestrian Federation will be tracking points for the WCHR Program. For this reason, all WCHR membership applications must be completed online. Only WCHR applications completed online will be accepted and considered valid.

Once the results for each Member Event are posted, members that competed at said Event shall be sent an email notification requesting they check their posted points and follow the link to fill out a Competition Survey within 30 days. USHJA will provide the Member Event Managers with an anonymous summary of the survey results.