2015 WCHR Peter Wetherill Palm Beach Hunter Spectacular and Gala

World-Class Competition

The 2015 $100,000 WCHR Peter Wetherill Palm Beach Hunter Spectacular will take place Saturday, February 14, during WCHR week at ESP WEF 6, February 11-15. Top horses and riders in the country compete throughout the week for a coveted spot in the Saturday night class and for a chance at $100,000 in prize money.


Celebratory Hunt Gala

During the class, the International Club will play host to the WCHR Spectacular Hunt Gala where party goers dressed in elegant cocktail attire celebrate the roots and tradition of the sport. A portion of proceeds from the gala will benefit the USHJA Foundation Horseman's Assistance Fund.

Thank you to all our
2015 $100,000 WCHR Palm Beach Spectacular Donors, Equestrian Sport Productions for their support of the gala, and a special thank you to our gala sponsors:

  • Dinner Sponsors: Glen Senk, Jennifer and Roger Smith, and Tammy Williams
  • Bar Sponsor: Milestone
  • Wine Sponsor: Margaret Benjamin
  • D├ęcor Sponsors: Jennifer Burger and Goshen Hill
  • Ball Cap Sponsor: Brookwood Farm

For questions about the WCHR Peter Wetherill Palm Beach Hunter Spectacular, please contact Sarah Fishback at (859) 225-6720.


For questions about Hunt Gala table reservations, contact Megan Lacy at (859) 225-6723.  

USHJA Celebrates Iconic Breeds and 

Great Breeding

2015 Pre-Green Incentive Championship offers 

$14,000 in bonus awards

The United States Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA) continues its recognition of great breeding and iconic American breeds with five bonus awards for high-scoring horses at the 2015 Pre-Green Incentive Program Championship.


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Coming Soon! Children's and Adult Amateur Hunter Regional Championships

Calling all Children's and Adult Hunters...Be a part of the new Regional Championships! This exciting new hunter program provides Children's and Adult Amateur riders with a competitive team experience and an opportunity to earn Zone HOTY bonus points in their respective Children's or Adult hunter section.


The Championships will be held by region, made up of the following zones:

North Region - Zones 1, 2, 5
South Region - Zones 3, 4
Central Region - Zones 6, 7, 8
West Region - Zones 9, 10, 11, 12


Qualifying for the Championships will begin in 2015 with the first set of Regional Championships slated to be held between June 1 and November 30, 2016.


Want to see the Regional Championships held at a competition near you? Reach out to your favorite competition manager and encourage them to apply to host. Host applications close February 1.


For more information, visit www.ushja.org/ChAAHunter or contact Kelley Douglas at (859) 225-6717. 

 Pre-Green Challenge: Look for This New Class at a Show Near You!

New to the 2015 competition year is the Pre-Green Challenge. Horses can earn Pre-Green Zone HOTY bonus points based on their placing in the class and the competition format.


To see what shows are featuring this exciting new class, go to www.ushja.org/PGChallenge

Be a Part of the USHJA Hunter Programs

Enroll or Join Today!

Join the USHJA Hunter Programs to be eligible for regional and national awards, great prize money, and even program Championships. Don't wait! Enroll online today.


International Hunter Derby


Pre-Green Incentive Program


World Championship Hunter Rider

Congratulations International Hunter Derby 2013-2014 Series Winners!

National Horse Money Won: Brunello, owned by Janet Peterson
National Rider Money Won: Kelley Farmer
Horse Money Won Standings by Region
    North: Mythical, owned by David Gochman$32,200.00
    South: Caramo, owned by Caroline Russell Howe$24,750.00
    Central: CR Beethoven, owned by Kirby Cohn McCool$20,800.00
    West: Undeniable, owned by Kelly Straeter$21,700.00
Rider Money Won Standings by Region
    North: Jennifer Alfano$37,250.00
    South: Kelley Farmer$40,200.00
    Central: Peter Pletcher$45,400.00
    West: Hope Glynn$52,700.00

Congratulations Pre-Green Incentive Program 2014 Series Winners!

Horse: Remarkable, owned by David Gochman
Rider: Scott Stewart
Geldings & Stallions: Remarkable, owned by David Gochman
Mares: Carlotta, owned by Ashley Hodges
Four Year Olds: Halston, owned by 44 North Farm, LLC
Five Year Olds: Messick, owned by Kyle Owens
Six Year Olds: Gotham, owned by The Wheeler Family
Seven & Eight Year Olds: Remarkable, owned by David Gochman
Thoroughbreds: Fontana, owned by Nicole Miller Perrin
American-Breds: Keystone Kopper, owned by Naomi Gauruder

Congratulations National Hunter Derby 2014 Series Winners!

National Horse Money Won: Luck, owned by Johnnie Martin-Carey
National Rider Money Won: Peter Pletcher
Zone Horse Standings 
    Zone 1: Huckleberry Finn, owned by Susan Huyett        $1,500.00
    Zone 2: Carafino, owned by Alyssa Bokor                $3,000.00
    Zone 3: Ship Shape, owned by Hannah Taylor             $2,800.00
    Zone 4: Shoreline, owned by Carolyn Gouse              $3,300.00
    Zone 5: Memorable, owned by Over Fences Farm, LLC      $5,100.00
    Zone 6: Cyril, owned by Cynthia Bulwicz                $2,750.00
    Zone 7: Luck, owned by Johnnie Martin-Carey            $8,350.00
    Zone 8: Leoncito, owned by Lucy Hunsaker               $3,800.00
    Zone 9: Clemenza, owned by Kristin Brown              $3,000.00
    Zone 10: Freedom, owned by Melhill Stables, LLC        $3,508.00
Zone Rider Standings
     Zone 1: Rachel Clawson                                $3,970.00
     Zone 2: Alyssa Bokor                                  $3,000.00
     Zone 3: Stephen Heinecke                              $3,875.00
     Zone 4: Daniel Geitner                                $7,550.00
     Zone 5: Tamara Provost                                $9,050.00
     Zone 6: Kim Barone                                    $6,300.00
     Zone 7: Peter Pletcher                                $21,350.00
     Zone 8: Meredith Houx Remiger                        $4,050.00
     Zone 9: Kelly Smith                                  $4,600.00
     Zone 10: Michael Leon                                $5,065.00
High Point Adult Amateurs by Zone
     Zone 1: Cynthia Boudreau                              23 Points
     Zone 2: Devon Reimer                                  160 Points
     Zone 3: Cary Braun                                    60 Points
     Zone 4: Chasen Boggio                                60 Points
     Zone 5: Kelsey Concklin                              15 Points
                  Gabrielle Thornton                      15 Points
     Zone 6: Sydney Schaefer                              23 Points
     Zone 7: Madison Games                                45 Points
                  Mimi Herbert                            45 Points
                  Linda Yarborough                        45 Points
      Zone 8: Nicole Lyvere                                60 Points
      Zone 9: Megan Jendro                                15 Points
      Zone 10: Ashley Brien                                110 Points
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