Does your club need directors and officers insurance?  

By Diane Lesher, President of Equisure 

In today's litigious society, no organization or individual is immune from allegations of  wrongdoing as insurance companies report increasing numbers of directors and officers (D&O) claims. Even if your club and its board members prevail in court, they may face significant - even staggering - defense costs.  


D&O insurance provides financial protection for an organization's covered individuals if they are sued in connection with the performance of their duties.


This insurance benefits organizations because it enables leadership to take strategic risks without the threat of personal liability. It enables organizations to recruit qualified individuals more readily because of safeguards that give them peace of mind.


Does your board see the need for this coverage? Do they know what to look for when buying a policy?  

REMINDER the 2013 Amateur Sportsmanship & Mrs. A.C. Randolph Owners Legacy Awards Nominations are Open! 

The Amateur Sportsmanship Award. Do you know an amateur rider in your area that exhibits a high degree of excellence and integrity by supporting his fellow competitors and/or volunteering his time and resources to various aspects of the industry? Examples of this include serving on committees, providing sponsorships and promoting the welfare of the horse. Success in the show ring is a secondary factor. Nominations for the award may come from exhibitors, trainers, colleagues or peers.


The Mrs. A.C. Randolph Owners Legacy Award. This award was created to acknowledge a past or current owner who has been, or is, a true "patron" of the hunter/jumper industry. This award honors an owner who has created a legacy of giving back to the hunter/jumper sport through continued dedication and support.   


Previous winners include Helen Lenahan and Harry Gill.


Nominate your candidates today for the USHJA Amateur Sportsmanship Award and/or the Mrs. A.C. Randolph Owners Legacy Award. The nomination deadline is October 15, 2013.


For additional information, please contact Melanie Fransen at or (859) 225-6705.

Certified Trainers: Have you updated your online profile? 

The Certified Trainers Directory allows you the opportunity to provide a detailed and custom profile. The profiles allow members to make informed choices about Certified Trainers whom they are seeking to connect. You can fill out your Education, Business Information, Professional Overview, add images and much more.  


This is your chance to market yourself and your program, and point out any highlights or anomalies the viewer may see in your profile. It's easy to get started:


LOG INTO YOUR USHJA ACCOUNT: From the USHJA home page, click on Membership, then Online Account, and then enter your USEF ID and password.   


CLICK ON THE TRAINER INPUT FORM: Under "USHJA Trainer Certification", click "Trainer Input Form".


FILL OUT THE FORM: There are three pages; fill out each page and click "Save and Continue", and then "Save" on the last page.


For more information contact Carrie Vaught at or (859) 225-6703. 

Prepare for the Farrier 

By Brandin Schrader AF

An educational article provide by the American Association of Professional Farriers - an Educational Resource Provider of the USHJA

People often believe it is the farrier's job to begin their horse's shoeing education. This could not be further from the truth. A farrier's job is to provide quality hoof care to your horse, not to train them to accept it. Farriers cannot provide top notch care if they are struggling with your horse. Horses that are well behaved will most likely stay on the books should the farrier find the need to thin his client list.

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Upcoming Trainer Certification
Program Clinics 

Attendance at a recognized USHJA Trainer Certification Program Clinic will count towards the enrollment requirements for the Trainer Certification Program.

TCP Clinic - Geoff Teall - Buzzards Bay, MA 

TCP Clinic with Geoff Teall at Grazing Fields in Buzzards Bay, MA.
Click here for registration information.

Zone 1

TCP Clinic - George Morris - Birmingham, AL 

TCP Clinic with George Morris at Blackjack Farms in Birmingham, AL.
Zone 4

TCP Clinic - Geoff Teall - Coconut Creek, FL 

TCP Clinic with Geoff Teall at Millpond Farm in Coconut Creek, FL
Zone 4

TCP Clinic - Candice King - Owings Mills, MD 

TCP Clinic with Candice King at McDonogh School in
Owings Mills, MD.

Zone 3

TCP Clinic - George Morris - Buffalo, NY 

TCP Clinic with George Morris at Buffalo Therapeutic Riding Center
in Buffalo, NY.

Zone 2
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