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2016 Memberships and Fees

Licensed Officials and Competition Officials Membership Requirements

U.S. Eventing Association and Equine Canada Members

Show Pass Fees

Competition Membership Checklist

Scholastic Membership FAQ for Interscholastic Equestrian Association Members

Collegiate Membership FAQ for Intercollegiate Horse Show Association Members

2016 Fee Changes


Who has to be an Active/Competing member of USHJA?

To compete in any hunter, jumper, equitation or hunter breeding classes at recognized competitions as an exhibitor*, rider, trainer, or his or her agent(s), a person must be an Active member of the United States Hunter Jumper Association or pay a Show Pass fee of $30 to the USHJA (exception: local competitions, breed-restricted hunter seat equitation classes and exceptions listed in GR901.9). The USHJA membership is in addition to the United States Equestrian Federation membership requirements.

*An exhibitor is defined as the owner or lessee of a horse when entered in a class where only the merits of the horse are to be considered. In equitation classes, exhibitor refers to the rider. See GR121. A good rule of thumb is anyone who signs the entry blank has to be an Active member of USHJA.

I show in hunter and jumper classes at a breed-restricted competition only. Do I have to join USHJA in order to show?

No. The USHJA membership is required only if you are showing in hunter, jumper, hunter seat equitation or hunter breeding classes at "open" shows, which are competitions not restricted to a particular breed.

If I compete at a USEF Local competition, do I have to be a member of USHJA or pay the Show Pass fee?

No. A person is not required to be a member of USHJA or pay the Show Pass fee at Local competitions. See GR311.3

Do I need to register my horse with USHJA?

Yes. All horses competing in United States Equestrian Federation non-breed-restricted licensed competitions with hunter, hunter breeding, jumper and hunter seat equitation classes must be properly identified and must obtain a registration number from USHJA. For exceptions see GR901.9, Items 1 – 11, as stated in GR1101.1 in the USEF Rule Book. A registration number for each horse must be entered on all entry forms for USEF-licensed competitions. Only one registration number will be issued per horse and must remain with the horse throughout its career.

  • To compete at a USEF-licensed hunter, jumper or hunter/jumper competition, every horse must be registered with the USHJA for a one-time fee of $30 (prior to December 1, 2015) or $75 (effective December 1, 2015).
  • Members will still have the option of recording their horses either annually or with a lifetime recording with the USEF if they are interested in accruing points for Horse of the Year, Zone and Stirrup Cup Awards, USHJA programs as noted in program specifications, and to accrue points on the USEF Computer Ranking List..
  • Each horse will be assigned a USHJA registration number, and anytime you choose to obtain a USEF horse recording, the same number will be used.
  • If a horse currently has a USEF Horse ID number, upon payment of the registration fee to USHJA, that number will become its USHJA horse registration number.
  • Members who choose to annually or life record their horses with the USEF will need to obtain a USHJA registration, which will be the same number as their USEF horse recording number.
  • Exhibitors competing only in USEF Local competitions will be exempt from the horse registration fee.

How many membership cards and how many membership numbers will I receive?

If you join or renew as a USEF member and a USHJA member at the same time on a joint application, you will receive one membership card. If you join or renew separately on different dates, you may receive two membership cards, one for each organization. The membership number will be the same for both the USEF and the USHJA.

When you register your horse with USHJA and Life record your horse with USEF at the same time, you will receive one horse certificate. If you join with both organizations separately on different dates or only annually record your horse with USEF and register USHJA at the same time, you will receive two membership cards-one for each organization. The horse number will be the same for both organizations.

If you join with a 3-Year membership, you will keep your membership card for all three years.

If you join as a 3-Year member with one organization (USHJA or USEF), and only one year with the other organization (USHJA or USEF) you will receive two separate membership cards.
*Please note there is a $15 reprint fee for the issuance of a duplicate membership card.

2016 Memberships and Fees

What are the membership categories and dues for the USHJA?

Active Members - Those individuals who enter USEF-licensed competitions as riders, owners, trainers or coaches receive full benefits of USHJA membership for the year.
Active Annual Membership:
Active 3-Year Membership:
Active Life Membership:
  1-Year - $85 (expires November 30)
3-Year - $240 (expires November 30 of the third year)
Life - $1,500 (Full USHJA membership benefits for life)

Associate Members - Those individuals not competing in USEF-licensed competitions receive all other benefits of USHJA membership for the year. Associate members are subject to USHJA Show Pass fees if competing in USEF-licensed competitions.

Associate Membership:   $35 (expires November 30)  

Collegiate Members - Those individuals participating in Intercollegiate Horse Show Association/USHJA competitions; annual membership from September 1 to August 31

Collegiate Membership:   Collegiate Coach - $35
Collegiate Alumni - $15

Outreach Members - Those individuals competing in Outreach Medal or Outreach Hunter Challenge Classes and receive some of the other benefits offered by USHJA for the membership year.

Please note: Outreach members are subject to USHJA Show Pass fees if competing in USEF-licensed competitions.

Outreach Membership:   Outreach - $15  

Scholastic Members - Scholastic Riders are Juniors who are members of the Interscholastic Equestrian Association and Scholastic Coaches are individuals who are coaches with the Interscholastic Equestrian Association who wish to have access to USHJA Programs. Subject to a Show Pass Fee of $30 per competition at USEF licensed events.

*NOTE: IEA members only. Non-refundable.

Scholastic Membership:   Rider - $15
Coach - $15

Are licensed officials and competition officials required to be members of USHJA?

Per GR1060.9: Any judge officiating USEF Open (not restricted to a breed) hunter and/or jumper classes must be a current member in good standing of the United States Hunter Jumper Association, Inc.

Per GR1063.5 and GR1205.3: All licensed Course Designers must be a current member in good standing of the United States Hunter Jumper Association, Inc.

Per GR1013.1a1: Any steward officiating USEF Open (not restricted to a breed) hunter and/or jumper classes must be a current member in good standing of the United States Hunter Jumper Association, Inc.

Per GR1202.1: [Manager] An individual acting in this capacity is required to be a Senior Active Member of the Federation. In addition, any individual acting as the manager of a hunter and/or jumper Open (not restricted to a breed) competition must be a current member in good standing of the United States Hunter Jumper Association, Inc.

**Competition secretaries for hunter/jumper competitions are not required to be members of USHJA.

U.S. Eventing Association Exemption

Even if an individual is an active member of USEA, he or she is still required to be a member of USHJA or pay the Show Pass fees.

Requirements for Canadian Federation Members

Members of Equine Canada (Canadian Federation) do not have to be USHJA members, and the Show Pass fee does not apply. See GR206.1. Should Equine Canada members wish to obtain points for USHJA programs, including championships, they will need to be USHJA members (see individual program specifications for more information).

Equine Canada horse/pony measurement cards and passports are not acceptable for purposes of complying with USEF rules on measurement and horse ID numbers. They will need to have the pony measured in accordance with HU168 through HU179. If they bring a photocopy of their Canadian membership card to have the steward attach to the measurement form, they will receive their measurement card faster.

Show Pass Fees

What are the Show Pass fees?

The Show Pass fee to USHJA is $30 per competition. If you are a non-member of either or both the USEF and the USHJA, the Show Pass fee is $30 per competition for each organization. You will pay all Show Pass fees directly to the competition.

Competition Membership Checklist

Exhibitors will need the following to enter a horse show:

1. Complete entry blank, with correct USEF/USHJA number for owner, rider, trainer and horse
2. All required signatures on entry blank
3. Copy of USEF/USHJA Membership Card
4. Copy of Horse Recording/Registration Certificate
5. Copy of your horse's Coggins and health papers, if necessary
6. A signed open check for entries, if applicable

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2016 Fee Changes

How did the Board arrive at its decision to change fees for 2016?

Over the last several months, senior staff analyzed the growth of the organization, current administrative needs and member feedback calling for improved service. This analysis offered two primary options considered by the Board of Directors – reduce programs and services or increase staffing to support the current and future needs of the organization. After significant deliberation, the Board voted unanimously to move forward with enhancing programs and services with additional staffing over the next five years. While the Association experienced exponential growth since it began, the staffing side has not kept up with this growth. In order to determine the fee changes themselves, senior staff and the Board of Directors analyzed fees and staffing structures at similar associations while also looking at competitive and appropriate compensation packages that could attract and retain the right talent to support the organization’s future. At the same time, the Board determined that any surplus realized due to not immediately filling all positions projected in the staffing plan will be put into reserve accounts as part of USHJA’s continuity plans. Specifically, over time the Association will build up a reserve fund of one year’s operating expenses and a fund for future building maintenance that replenishes itself, which are best practices for fiscal responsibility.

How are my USHJA fees used?

USHJA fees support the administration of the sport and the services provided to its members, including points tracking, awards, program development and execution, and rules development.

In the service of more than 44,000 different members across the United States, the USHJA offers a comprehensive stable of 14 competitive and educational programs that serve members at all levels of the sport, Juniors, Amateurs, and Professionals alike, in addition to countless educational resources and tools for members to access online. Our competitive programs and various special classes, are available to members at more than 1,200 competitions each year. The USHJA supports 17 different awards programs to recognize riders’ efforts across the hunter/jumper sport. This results in more than 16,500 awards distributed to members across the country each year. At the same time, the USHJA continues to explore and develop new programs to support the membership at all levels.

Whether members participate in any of the available awards, competitive or educational programs, USHJA’s efforts to ensure the rules of the sport are relevant and meet members’ needs while supporting rider safety and horse welfare benefit every hunter/jumper competitor.

What USHJA fees changed in 2016?

In 2016, the following fees changed:

  • 2016 annual membership fee for active/competing members is now $85, which equates to $240 for three-year memberships ($5 per year discount). The Life Membership fee remains $1,500.
  • Effective December 1, 2015, one-time horse registration fee is now $75. As a one-time fee for each horse, this equates to $7.50 per year over a 10-year competition lifetime for a horse.
  • The USHJA Fee (formerly called USHJA Zone Support Fee) is based on a competition’s highest rating, whether it is a hunter only, jumper only or combined hunter/jumper competition. Effective December 1, 2015, if a competition’s highest hunter rating is National (A) or Premier (AA) or if a competition’s highest jumper rating is Level 4 or above, the USHJA Fee is $7. The USHJA Fee at all other competitions remains at $2. For example:
    • The USHJA Fee assessed at combined Hunter/Jumper competitions with a Premier (AA) or National (A) hunter rating will change from $2 to $7 per horse, regardless of the Jumper rating.
    • The USHJA Fee assessed at combined Hunter/Jumper competitions with a Regional I (B) or Regional II (C) hunter rating will remain at $2 providing the jumper rating is Level 3 or below. If the Jumper rating is Level 4 or above, the fee will change from $2 to $7 per horse.
    • The USHJA Fee assessed at Hunter only competitions with a Premier (AA) or National (A) hunter rating will change from $2 to $7 per horse. The USHJA Fee at Hunter only competitions with a Regional I (B) or Regional II (C) hunter rating will remain at $2 per horse.
    • The USHJA Fee assessed at Jumper only competitions with a Level 4 and above jumper rating will change from $2 to $7 per horse. The USHJA Fee at Jumper only competitions with a Level 3 or below jumper rating will remain at $2 per horse.

What is the difference between USEF and USHJA?

USEF and USHJA are separate but related organizations. The USHJA represents only the jumper and hunter disciplines, as an affiliate of USEF, which represents numerous disciplines and breeds as the National Governing Body (NGB) for equestrian sport.

The USEF is the regulatory body of equestrian sport. Under this umbrella, in addition to the selection and fielding of international teams under its duties as the National Governing Body (NGB) for equestrian sport, the USEF also provides the following services to its Recognized Affiliates and members:

  • Licensing of competitions
  • Licensing of officials
  • Drugs & Medication program
  • Aggregation of the rule book
  • Hearing and regulation process – fair and level field of play
  • Promotion of equestrian sport to the mainstream audience

Led by volunteers who are active within the hunter and jumper disciplines, USHJA represents the interests of these disciplines, developing and supporting rules, programs and awards that promote the well-being of riders and horses, fairness within the sport, and the sport’s growth. Specifically, USHJA:

  • Provides educational opportunities to members
  • Develops rules for the hunter and jumper disciplines
  • Develops and manages educational and competitive sport programs
  • Facilitates year-end and program awards
  • Promotes hunter/jumper disciplines

How can I learn more about and get involved with USHJA?

We encourage members to stay involved and be part of the issues that are important to the sport. Reach out to committee or Board members with questions and review minutes available online. Our volunteers, who guide all of the Association’s work, are made up of your peers – fellow hunter/jumper equestrians who are passionate and invested in the future of this sport. It’s important to understand that the Association operates entirely at the direction of Board and committee members. If you’re passionate about this sport and want to be part of shaping its future, fill out the committee interest form or contact your zone representatives about volunteering on specific programs in your area.

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