Scholastic Membership FAQ for IEA Members

What are the benefits of becoming a Scholastic member?

USHJA Scholastic members have access to various USHJA educational programs, as well as awards and recognition, and become part of a growing community of hunter/jumper equestrians. Specifically, USHJA Scholastic members can participate in the following current programs, provided the member meets the eligibility requirements other than membership category: Horsemanship Quiz Challenge, Emerging Athletes Program, and the Trainer Certification Program. USHJA Scholastic members will have access to regular sport information through the USHJA In Stride and USHJA email updates and receive discounts on certain publications and products. Members may participate in the USHJA Annual Meeting and become part of sport governance by providing comment on sport rules.

Further, USHJA and IEA have partnered to create two new scholastic clinics each year that are available to USHJA Scholastic members, offering both stable management and riding education over multiple days. The clinics will feature top clinicians, giving Scholastic members access to an exciting set of hands-on educational opportunities to advance their horsemanship skills. Details for the first set of clinics will be available in 2016.

Is this membership required to participate in IEA competitions?

No. This membership gives IEA members access to USHJA educational programs.

Can anyone become a Scholastic member?

Scholastic membership is limited to IEA members and is non-refundable.

Where can I find out information about the USHJA Scholastic clinics?

Information about the clinics will be available on once they are confirmed.

What is the cost of a USHJA Scholastic membership?

A USHJA Scholastic membership is $15 for riders or coaches.

What is the competition year for a USHJA Scholastic membership?

A USHJA Scholastic membership runs from December 1 through November 30.

How can I sign up for a USHJA Scholastic membership?

USHJA Scholastic memberships are available online only. To purchase a membership online, please visit the USHJA membership webpage. Riders will need to know their My USEF Account log in information to join/renew online. If you don’t have a My USEF account please click here to get started.

If you do not remember your My USEF Account log in, or are having trouble obtaining one, please contact Jamie Martinez at (859) 225-6709.

Can I compete in USEF rated competitions with my USHJA Scholastic membership?

No. In order to compete at USEF rated competitions, you will need to upgrade to a USHJA Active/Competing membership or you will have to pay the $30 Show Pass fee at each USEF rated competition you attend.

I currently have a USHJA Scholastic membership and would like to purchase a USHJA competing membership.

USHJA Scholastic members wanting to participate in USEF rated competition and not pay a USHJA Show Pass fee may purchase a USHJA Active/Competing membership at the difference of the Active/Competing membership price and the Scholastic membership price. For the 2016 competition year, this will be a difference of $70 to upgrade.

You may upgrade a USHJA membership online through your USHJA Online Account or by completing the application in the competition office at any USEF recognized event.

To upgrade a USHJA membership online, sign into your USHJA Online Account, select the link for the current membership year, then click the link “Upgrade Your Membership”, and follow the step by step process to upgrade.

In addition to the USHJA membership, the owner, rider and trainer of a horse at USEF rated competition must be an active member of the USEF. USEF memberships must be purchased online through the USEF or by selecting the USEF membership box on the membership application at a USEF event. For questions about USEF membership please contact USEF Customer Care or (859) 228-2472.

Who should I contact for additional information about USHJA?

Please contact USHJA at (859) 225-6700

Who should I contact for information about IEA?

Please visit the IEA website.

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