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Affiliate Equitation Awards

The Affiliate Equitation Awards were created to enhance an affiliate association's existing equitation or horsemanship based award(s) with USHJA recognition.

Affiliate associations may choose between three options and use USHJA provided awards to augment their own awards, while also demonstrating a connection to the national aspects of our sport. These awards are voluntary and available to any USHJA Affiliate Association in good standing.

Option 1 – Medal Classes
Three award categories are offered: 1)The winner of a medal final with fences ranging from 2'0"-2'6" (a pony specific medal final is acceptable), 2) The winner of a junior medal final with fences ranging from 2'9"-3'3", and 3) The winner of an amateur medal final with fences ranging from 2'9"-3'3".

Option 2 – Year End Champions: the winner of the affiliate's equitation year end championships in the following three categories: pony or beginner level (fences not to exceed 2'6"), junior, and amateur. If there are multiple age categories, for example in the junior equitation, then the rider with the highest number of points is selected.

Option 3 – Horsemanship Program: if the affiliate has some kind of horsemanship program composed of multiple phases that include at least stable management or a written test, the top three ranked competitors are the designated winners.

Click here to view an example of how these options could be implemented.

Information Contacts
Affiliate Committee USHJA Education Department - (859) 225-6700