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About the Children’s and Adult Amateur Jumper Regional Championships

Over the years there have been on-going discussions among Adult Amateur and Children’s Jumper members hoping to one day have their own championship; in 2013 USHJA made that vision a reality. Members of the special task force included Eric Straus, Robert Ridland, Jeff Campf, Charlotte Skinner, Britt McCormick, David Wright and Sandra Ruiz. Once satisfied with a concept, the members submitted their report to the newly- formed Jumper Working Group, who in turn, refined, finalized and approved the program.

In an effort to provide greater participation, an introduction to the team experience, more competition and less cost to exhibitors there will be four regions, composed of the USHJA zones as follows:

North Region – Zones 1, 2 and 5
South Region – Zones 3 and 4
Central Region – Zones 6, 7 and 8
West Region – Zones 9, 10, 11 and 12


Children's & Adult Amateur Jumper News:


Eligibility Requirements

Basic eligibility requirements for riders who wish to participate in the Children’s and Adult Amateur Jumper Regional Championships include current active junior or adult amateur member in good standing with both USHJA and USEF, and their horse must be registered with USHJA plus recorded with USEF pursuant to USEF GR 1102 and shown under the owner of record.

Team Format

Competitions will be held for teams and/or individual riders. A team will consist of a minimum of three horse and rider combinations, but not more than four. Each zone will be eligible to send a minimum of two teams of Children’s competitors and two teams of Adult Amateur competitors to the Championships. The three year average number of Children’s jumper riders and Adult Amateur Jumper riders residing in a zone will determine the maximum number of teams that the zone may send to the Championship

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