TOTAL PAYOUT $2,078,216

*Includes lifetime money-won from December 1, 2012, to present from series and championships


Platinum Performance/USHJA Green Hunter Incentive Championship
For horses competing at 3'0" or 3'3"

The Platinum Performance/USHJA Green Hunter Incentive Championship will return to the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky, August 15-17, 2017. The Championship is for Green Hunter horses competing at 3’0” or 3’3”.

How to Qualify

Any horse enrolled in the program that has competed in a minimum of two USHJA Green Hunter Incentive Stake classes at competitions starting between December 1, 2015, and July 26, 2017, is eligible for the 2017 Championship.

Championship Format

The Championship consists of three rounds offered at both 3’ and 3’3”, and riders choose the height at which their horse(s) compete. All horses compete in the first two rounds, in which they receive numerical scores. The 30 horses, including those tied for 30th, with the highest combined scores from the first two rounds, advance to the third round, where they start with a clean slate.

Prize Money

The Championship prize money topped $215,000 in 2016. Prize money is distributed among the top 30 in each of the first two rounds (25 percent of the total prize money in Round One and 25 percent of the total prize money in Round Two). The third round—the Championship Round— which is only available to the top 30 competitors from Rounds One and Two, will pay out the remaining 50 percent of the total prize money.

In 2017, USHJA will award $15,000 in bonus prize money to the top 10 Tier II riders, those who are 31st or below in the three-year Pre-Green Incentive Program rider money earnings as follows: 1st place – 30 percent, 2nd place – 20 percent, 3rd place – 13.5 percent, 4th place – 9 percent, 5th place – 7.5 percent, 6th place – 6 percent, 7th place – 5 percent, 8th place – 4 percent, 9th place – 3 percent, and 10th place – 2 percent.

View Tier I Riders

Note: All riders not listed as Tier I are considered Tier II for the Championship.

Enrollment and Entry Fees

Sixty-five percent of annual enrollment fees and 70 percent of the entry fees make up the total prize money for the Championship. Horses must be enrolled in the Green Hunter Incentive Program prior to entering the Championship, and the $850 class entry fee must be submitted with the entry forms.

In addition to the standard qualifying process, USHJA created the Premium Entry Option to enable owners to enter horses in the Green Hunter Incentive Championship that for various reasons, were not able to qualify through the standard process. The Premium Entry Option consists of a $3,000 Premium Entry Fee, which must be paid in full at the time of entry, 100 percent of which will be added to the prize money of the Green Hunter Incentive Championship. Competitors using the Premium Entry Option to qualify will still pay the enrollment fee and entry fee.

Invitations to Compete

USHJA will email invitations to compete in the 2017 USHJA Green Hunter Incentive Championship for horses competing at 3’0” or 3’3” to recorded owners and riders of qualified horses in June. The invitation will include a USHJA Green Hunter Incentive Championship entry form and a link to the entire online prize list. Invitations will be issued weekly as horses continue to qualify.

Entry Deadline

Entries close on July 26, 2017. Exhibitors are required to complete both the Championship entry form and the Bluegrass Festival Horse Show entry form. All entry forms, entry fees, stall fees, drug fees, night watch fees and all other applicable fees are paid to the Bluegrass Festival Horse Show. The entry forms must be mailed to the Bluegrass Festival Horse Show at 1517 Richmond Road, Lexington, KY 40502.

Entries must be received in the Bluegrass Festival Horse Show office or postmarked by July 26, 2017. The entry fee, including premium entry fee if applicable, is non-refundable after August 4, 2017. The ground jury reserves the right to accept or refuse entries after the closing date due to extenuating circumstances, on a case by case basis, and late entries are not guaranteed. If permitted, late entries will incur a $250 late entry fee. It is recommended that you use a method of delivery which provides delivery confirmation.


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