Competition Secretaries Guide FAQ

Who has to be an active member of USHJA?

To compete in any hunter, jumper, equitation or hunter breeding classes at recognized competitions as an exhibitor, rider, trainer, or his or her agent(s), a person must be an active member of the USHJA, or pay a non-member fee to the USHJ (exceptions: Local competitions, breed-restricted hunter seat equitation classes and exceptions listed in GR901.9).

Exhibitor is defined as the owner or lessee of a horse when entered in a class where only the merits of the horse are to be considered. In equitation classes, exhibitor refers to the rider see GR120. A good rule of thumb is anyone who signs the entry blank has to be a USHJA Active member.

I compete in hunter and/or jumper classes at a breed-restricted competition only. Do I have to join USHJA in order to compete?

No. The USHJA membership is required only if you are competing in hunter, jumper, hunter seat equitation or hunter breeding classes at "open" competitions, which are competitions not restricted to a particular breed.

If I compete at a USEF Local competition, do I have to be a member of USHJA or pay the nonmember fee?

No. A person is not required to be a member of USHJA or pay the non-member fee at Local competitions.

Do I need to register my horse with USHJA?

Yes. All horses competing in USEF non-breed-restricted licensed competitions with hunter, hunter breeding, jumper and hunter seat equitation classes (except those activities enumerated in GR901.9, items 1 through 9) must be properly identified and must obtain a USHJA horse registration. A registration number for each horse must be entered on all entry forms for USEF-licensed competitions. Only one registration number will be issued per horse and must remain with the horse throughout its career.

  • Starting December 1, 2008, USEF GR1102.3 requiring mandatory USEF horse recording of jumpers was eliminated, and the USHJA established a Horse Registration Program for hunters and jumpers. This type of registry program is currently used by other breeds and disciplines, such as the Arabian Horse Association, the United States Eventing Association and the United States Dressage Federation, and it is the best way to provide lower-cost access to USEF competitions.
  • Starting on December 1, 2008, to compete at a USEF-licensed hunter, jumper or hunter and/or jumper competition, every horse must be registered with the USHJA for a one-time fee of $30. Horses possessing a USEF lifetime recording as of November 30, 2008, will be grandfathered into the USHJA Registration Program using their current recording number.
  • Members still must record their horses either annually or with a lifetime recording with the USEF if they are interested in accruing points for Horse of the Year, Zone Awards, Stirrup Cup Awards and to accrue points on the USEF Computer Ranking List.
  • Each horse will be assigned a USHJA registration number, and anytime you choose to obtain a USEF horse recording, the same number will be used.
  • If a horse currently has a USEF Horse ID number, upon payment of the $30 registration fee to USHJA, that number will become their USHJA horse registration number.
  • Members who choose to annually record their horses with the USEF will need to obtain a USHJA Registry number, which will be the same as their current horse recording number.
  • Exhibitors only competing in USEF Local competitions will be exempt from the horse registration fee, as are the following groups outlined in GR901.9 items 1 through 9:
    1) leadline; 2) exhibitions; 3) games and races; 4)classes for 4-H members; 5) walk trot and academy classes (academy classes are classes limited to horses used regularly in a lesson program); 6) USDF introductory level tests, pas de deux and quadrille classes; 7) NRHA Endorsed Reining Competitions. 8) Opportunity classes, 9) citizens of other nations who have proof, in English, of current membership in good standing of their own National Federation.

Do I need to record my farm with USHJA?

It is not mandatory that a farm be recorded with USHJA if at least one owner of the farm maintains a current competing membership and is in good standing with both USHJA and USEF. USHJA does encourage farm owners who are competing horses under the farm name to record your farm with USHJA for a one-time lifetime registration fee of $100.

USEF Horse of the Year Points and Awards

As of December 1, 2009, to receive USEF National Horse of the Year points or USHJA Zone Horse of the Year points, exhibitors must be members of USHJA as well as USEF if competing for points at USEF-licensed hunter and/or jumper competitions (GR1109 and GR1110).

Membership Dues

What are the membership levels and dues for the USHJA?

Active Members - Those individuals who enter USEF-licensed competitions as a rider, owner, trainer or coach receive full benefits of USHJA membership for the year.

Active Member
One Year - $70
Three Year - $195

Associate Members - Individuals that do not compete in USEF-licensed competitions. Associate members receive all other benefits of USHJA membership for the year. Associate members are subject to USHJA non-member fees if competing in USEF-licensed competitions.

Associate Member - $35

Outreach Members - Individuals that compete in classes that qualify for the Affiliate Equitation Awards Program and receive some of the other benefits offered by USHJA for the membership year. Outreach members are subject to USHJA non-member fees if competing in USEF-licensed competitions.

Outreach Member - $15

Collegiate Members - Individuals that participate only in Intercollegiate Horse Show Association/USHJA Competitions. Annual membership is from September 1 to August 31.

Collegiate Membership: Coach - $35
Rider - $15

Life Members - Full USHJA membership benefits for life - $1,500

Are licensed officials and competition officials required to be members of USHJA?

Per GR1056.8 Any judge officiating USEF Open (not restricted to a breed) hunter and/or jumper classes must be a current active member in good standing of the United States Hunter Jumper Association, Inc. Per GR1059.6 and GR1205.3 All licensed Course Designers must be a current active member in good standing of the United States Hunter Jumper Association, Inc.

Per GR1013.1a Any steward officiating USEF Open (not restricted to a breed) hunter and/or jumper classes must be a current active member in good standing of the United States Hunter Jumper Association, Inc.

Per GR1202.1 [Manager] An individual acting in this capacity is required to be a Senior Active Member of the Federation. In addition, any individual acting as the manager of a hunter and/or jumper Open (not restricted to a breed) competition must be a current active member in good standing of the United States Hunter Jumper Association, Inc.

Per GR1205.3 The Hunter course designer must be a Senior member of USEF and must be knowledgeable in the rules relating to the Hunter classes being offered. The hunter course designer must also be an active member of USHJA.

Competition secretaries for hunter and/or jumper competitions are not required to be members of USHJA.

How many membership cards and how many membership numbers will I receive?

If you join or renew as a USEF member and a USHJA member at the same time on a joint application, you will receive one membership card. If you join or renew separately on different dates, you may receive two membership cards-one for each organization. The membership number will be the same for both the USEF and the USHJA.

When you register your horse with USHJA and record your horse with USEF at the same time, you will receive one horse certificate. If you join with both organizations separately on different dates, you may receive two certificates-one for each organization. The horse number will be the same for both organizations.

Please note there is a $15 reprint fee for the issuance of a duplicate membership card.

Do I need a USHJA membership if I am a member of the United States Eventing Association?

Yes. Even if an individual is an active member of USEA, he or she is still required to be a member of USHJA or pay the non-member fees.

What are the requirements for Canadian Federation Members?

Members of Equine Canada (Canadian Federation) do not have to be USHJA members, and the non-member fee does not apply. Equine Canada horse/pony measurement cards and passports are not acceptable for purposes of complying with USEF rules on measurement and horse ID numbers. Equine Canada membership will need to have the pony measured in accordance with HP126 through HP139 or JH127 through JH137. To receive a measurement card faster, bring a photocopy of the Canadian membership card to have the steward attach to the measurement form.

Non-Member Fees

What are the non-member fees?

The non-member fee to USHJA is $30 per competition. If you are a non-member of either or both the USEF and the USHJA, the non-member fee is $30 per competition for each organization. You will pay all non-member fees directly to the competition.


What will the exhibitor need to enter a competition?

  1. Complete entry blank, with correct USEF/USHJA number for owner, rider, trainer and horse
  2. All required signatures on entry blank
  3. Copy of USEF/USHJA Membership Card
  4. Copy of Horse Recording/Registration Certificate
  5. Copy of your horse's Coggins and health papers, if necessary
  6. A signed open check for entries, if applicable

Competition Results Check List

For USEF full results (GR1214), please refer to regarding results requirements, section codes and reporting templates required by USEF.

  1. Results to be submitted electronically to, postmarked within 10 calendar days of completion of competition
  2. Post Competition Report Form sent to USEF, postmarked within 10 days of completion of competition. USEF address: 4047 Iron Works Parkway, Lexington, KY 40511.
  3. USHJA Zone Support Fee ($2 per horse) sent within 10 days of completion of competition, except for those exempted in GR901.9, to USHJA, 3870 Cigar Lane, Lexington, KY 40511. Local competitions are exempted from this fee.

USHJA Zone Support Fee Form

USEF Competition Newsletter

Each month the USEF sends out a newsletter to all management regarding any Presidential Modifications or Extraordinary Rule Changes that were passed and new procedure changes. To be put on the newsletter list, contact Courtney Barnett, or visit to view the Competition Services Newsletters.

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