Get Connected - Educational DVD

The Pacific Coast Horse Shows Association, USHJA and USEF are pleased to announce Get Connected, an educational DVD featuring USEF Tests 1 through 19, with Debbie McDonald (World Cup Champion and U.S. Olympian in dressage), Cynthia Hankins (USEF R Judge, USEF Medal Final winner) and Michael Moran (USEF judge, most recognized horse show announcer). Get Connected serves as a visual reference guide for riders, trainers and judges and will be one of the main educational tools used in USEF Judges' clinics.

Get Connected would not have been possible without the expertise and contributions of the enormous talents involved: Debbie McDonald, Cynthia Hankins and Michael Moran. A special thank you to the directorial acumen and unparalleled creative vision of Jill Silverthorne and the skills of her knowledgeable crew. Get Connected was shot in high definition against the brilliant and beautiful backdrop of Linda Fowler’s Epona Farms.

Those who have previewed Get Connected agree that it is the highest quality educational DVD made to date. Bill Moroney, USHJA president, commented that this DVD "is truly a comprehensive educational tool for the 21st Century."

Get Connected utilizes the USEF Rule Book, the USEF Judge’s Manual and the USHJA Equitation Task Force for content and information. Debbie McDonald and Cynthia Hankins lend their years of experience and top-level instruction to Get Connected as experts and demonstrators. In combination, the references and professionals provide a program of classical content and information that will be valued for many years to come.

The title "Get Connected" was chosen because of the vastness of its meaning
a) Making the connection between many components of the sport: judging, riding and training
b) Connected to how dressage and hunter seat equitation are based on the same principles
c) The connection of leg to hand, like "riding through," which Debbie McDonald refers to in her explanation of "a horse in balance"
d) A rider connected to the way a test should be performed

Get Connected illustrates how tests are correctly performed. If there is more than one way to correctly perform a test, this is clearly stated and illustrated, while encouraging judges to be specific in stating his or her preference.

PCHA and USHJA will provide all USEF hunter/equitation registered judges with a complimentary copy of Get Connected. While the main subject matter of Get Connected is the USEF Hunter Seat Equitation Tests 1 through 19, the following topics are also discussed and illustrated to augment this educational tool:

  • How Saddles Influence Position
  • Form Follows Function and Function Follows Form
  • The Three Basic Hunter Seat Positions
  • Common Position Flaws
  • The Dressage Position
  • Forward, Straight, Frame
  • The Connected, Balanced Horse
  • Common Connection Flaws
  • Transitions
  • Lateral Movements and Exercises
  • USEF Tests 1 through 19

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