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As part of our ongoing effort to educate members, USHJA is dedicated to making this new rules page a resource for the membership to obtain information on new rules, the rule proposal process, the rule approval process and other helpful information regarding rules affecting hunters and jumpers.

› How to Search for Rule Changes

All of the rule changes can be found on the USEF rule change website. From this page, the following choices can be selected: approved rule changes, disapproved rule changes, referred rule changes and withdrawn rule changes.

Select approved rule changes to search for approved rules by effective date, by tracking number or by approval at USEF's Annual Meeting. The approved rule change link will only display "approved rule changes." Select the chapter you are interested in and one of the following options to find the rules that have been approved.

  • Tracking Number Ideal Method: Enter the first three digits of the tracking number for rules proposed in the current year.
  • Date Approved: Enter a date. All rules approved on that date will pull up regardless of the effective date if using this option.
    Example: Rules approved at the USEF Annual Meeting have a start date of 1/17/10 and end 1/17/10.
  • Date Effective: Enter the effective date in both the start (12/1/10) and end boxes (12/1/10).

› How the Rule Change Process Works

As part of the ongoing effort to educate members, the USHJA wants to make the general membership aware of how the rule change process for their sport works and also inform members of the proper way to submit rule change proposals.

When considering a rule change submission, a well-researched and carefully prepared proposal will have a better chance of being approved by the USEF Board of Directors and will have a more meaningful impact on our sport. The USEF has guidelines on how to prepare and submit rule changes. All proposed rule changes must be submitted online - official Proposed Rule Change form or by contacting the USEF office.

The following tips can be helpful when submitting a rule change for consideration:

  • Define the problem and identify the geographic scope while also considering other possible solutions that may or may not include a rule change.
  • Communicate with the USHJA committee representing the area or division you are interested in changing or updating. They may already be working on the issue or may be willing to become the proponent. At the very least, advance input from the committee can assist the proponent in developing the most appropriate wording.
  • Proposed rule changes to General Rules, Chapters 1-13: Determine what other rules would be affected if your proposal were to be adopted by the USEF Board of Directors or Executive Committee. Be prepared to submit rule changes for all affected rules, each on a separate form, unless they are consecutively numbered rules. Consider how the proposed rule change would affect all disciplines and breeds as well as the financial impact, if any, to USEF, competitions and members.
  • Submit proper wording by the deadlines stated in GR150: June 1 for proposed rule changes submitted by individual USEF members and USEF staff; September 1 for proposed rule changes submitted by USEF committees or affiliated entities, such as USHJA.

› How to Fill Out The Proposed Rule Change Form

  • Determine the correct placement of the proposed rule change, and locate the chapter, sub-chapter and rule number in the current website version of the Rule Book, which contains rule changes approved to date.
  • Proposed rule changes that comply with the conditions and timeliness stated in GR150 are considered standard rule changes and are to be submitted with a proposed effective date of December 1, 2014. Please clearly state any request for an earlier proposed effective date.
  • Proposed rule change: Choose "add" if this is a new rule; choose "delete" if an existing rule is being deleted; choose "change to read" if the content change is being proposed for an existing rule. The latter may include both deleting and adding of text.
  • Type or print neatly, stating the exact wording being proposed. If you are proposing changes to existing language, or deleting an entire rule, strike through the words or sentences you propose to delete. Type in bold and italics the words you propose to add.
  • If a substantial amount of existing wording is needed, there is less chance of error if you copy and paste from the online Rule Book directly into the rule change proposal form and then make revisions.
  • Intent: Provide a short statement clearly describing why the rule change is needed and what will be accomplished if the proposed rule change is approved.
  • Complete all proponent information. If the proponent is a committee or an affiliate member organization, a contact person and accompanying information must be provided.
  • Sign and date the form. Review the form to make sure all required information has been provided and is clearly stated. The proposed rule change form can be complete online or can be mailed or faxed to the USEF address (4047 Iron Work Parkway, Lexington, KY 40511) or fax number 859.231.6662.

› Review Process

  • The proponent will receive a response from the USEF office acknowledging receipt of the proposed rule change. The response will include a request for the proponent to proofread a copy of the proposal as it has been entered into the USEF's rule change database system. Please respond in a timely manner.
  • USEF staff, including legal counsel, will review each proposed rule change. If there are any questions or concerns, the proponent will be asked to clarify the proposed rule change intent, change the effective date, et cetera. The Legislative Committee has the right and responsibility to reject proposals for cause.
  • The USEF Legislative Committee will designate review of the proposed rule change by any and all standing committees of USEF and other assigned entities deemed appropriate. When available, committee actions, staff and legal comments will be listed as part of the proposed rule change report available on the website or that can be obtained from the USEF office.
  • Proposed rule changes, with committee and assigned entity comments/actions, will be listed on the USEF website with an invitation for members to submit their comments. These comments will be forwarded to designated review committees.
  • If the proponent cannot attend the annual meeting where the rule change will be considered by the board of directors, the proponent must designate another person who will be present and who can address concerns and make decisions regarding the wording of the proposal.
  • The USEF Board of Directors may add to, alter or amend the rules at any meeting by a majority vote of those present, in accordance with GR150. The proponent may speak at any committee meeting and at the board meeting.

If you need additional help submitting a rule change, contact USHJA staff or visit

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