Application Procedures for Certified and Provisional Trainers

Application Procedures for Certified and Provisional Trainers

The Trainer Certification Program Committee reviews TCP applications three times annually. Completed applications and required documents must be received in the USHJA office by the following deadlines to be considered:

  • January 15 for review in February
  • May 15 for review in June
  • September 15 for review in October

The Trainer Certification Program Committee would like all applicants to understand the importance of the materials they submit as a part of their application for acceptance into the program. It would be impossible for the committee members to know each applicant personally or even by reputation, so the quality of the presentation of your experience and professional expertise in your resume is a significant factor in the evaluation process. Recommendations completed on your behalf by professional trainers who can speak to the specifics of your abilities as a teacher, rider and trainer of a students and horses at a variety of levels are equally important factors. The TCP committee also reserves the right to request input from other professionals in an applicant's geographic area.

Program Fees

Application fee: $100
The application fee includes a complimentary TCP Manual. The separate purchase of a TCP Manual will not reduce the price of the application fee.

TCP Exam/Certification fee: $225
The exam/certification fee is due upon approval and acceptance into the program.

Educational Requirements:

Fee ranges based on the educational effort that the applicant chooses. Applicants must participate in one of the following educational efforts:

  • TCP Clinic: Overall fee varies per TCP Clinic
  • Online Trainer Certification Course: $200 (includes 6-month subscription to

  • Read application requirements below before filling out your application.

    The TCP Application is now available as an online application. Login to your USHJA account and click "TCP Application" under the USHJA Trainer Certification Program section.

    TCP Exam

    Upon notification of acceptance into the TCP, each candidate is given six months to pass the online TCP exam with a score of 85% or higher. The exam evaluates the candidate's knowledge of both theoretical and practical aspects of riding and training within the standards and ideals determined by the TCP Committee to be widely accepted and proven successful. The exam contains five sections with thirty questions in each section. The candidate may log into the exam two times with an unlimited length of time per log-in session.

    We respect your privacy. The application process and test results are completely confidential at all times.

    TCP Grants

    Use the below map to visit your zone's grants and scholarships page. To find out whether your zone is participating, contact Alina Brazzil at (859) 225-6705.


    Qualification Categories

    Certified Trainers

    A Certified Trainer is someone who has worked as a full-time professional hunter/jumper trainer for at least three consecutive years out of the last seven years. Certified Trainers include the majority of working trainers in the USHJA. These are professionals training at all levels, from local to international competition, who emphasize basic skills, horsemanship and safety.


    Provisional Trainers

    Professionals interested in participating in the TCP, but who have fewer than three years experience training within the hunter/jumper industry, now have the opportunity to apply for Provisional Trainer status.

    A Provisional Trainer is someone who has worked as a full-time professional hunter/jumper trainer for at least one year but who has not yet reached the three full consecutive years required for certification. A trainer may apply for provisional status by completing the Trainer Certification application procedure, and once approved, take and pass the certification exam. A Provisional Trainer will have the opportunity to become a Certified Trainer after he has worked as a full-time professional trainer for at least three years. A Provisional Trainer must submit his request for promotion to Certified Trainer, along with an updated resume documenting his additional education and experience, after completing his third year working as a full-time professional trainer.

    USHJA Certified and Provisional Trainers are encouraged to represent and promote the hunter/jumper sport in a positive, ethical and professional manner.

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