Trainer Certification Program Clinics

Apply to Host a TCP Clinic

TCP Clinics enable USHJA members to complete the required educational element of the Trainer Certification process. Each TCP Clinic features at least one clinician over two days who educates members on teaching skills. The number of TCP Clinics sanctioned throughout the country may be limited, and USHJA members can apply to host one of these TCP Clinics, providing the potential host agrees to meet the requirements of this program outlined in the application packet.

Auditing and TCP Educational Requirement

Those interested in attending a TCP Clinic must register with and pay auditor fees to the host. Trainers seeking credit toward the educational requirement of the Trainer Certification Program must notify the host of their intent, must attend all sessions in their entirety and must sign in and out each day of the TCP Clinic on the official form provided by the USHJA.

Approved TCP Clinic Clinicians

Mary Babick Paul Cronin Susan Lyman Geoff Teall
Shelley Campf Karen Healey George Morris Bernie Traurig
Diane Carney Scott Hofstetter Louise Serio Julie Winkel
Claudia Cojocar Candice King Melanie Smith Taylor

TCP Clinics Calendar

TCP Clinic - Bernie Traurig - Aubrey, TX

Valhalla Stables
2' - 2'3" Beginner Horse 8:00 a.m.
2' - 2'3" Beginner Rider 10:00 a.m.
2'9" - 3'3'' H/J 1:00 p.m.
3'6"+ Jumper at 3:00 p.m.

$550 per rider
$50 Stall Fee (weekend)
$200 deposit

Zone 7 2/25/17
TCP Clinic - Bernie Traurig - Beford, NY

Coker Farm
3-4 groups of 4-6 riders
Large groups will be 2 hours, small groups will be 1:30-1:45
All heights offered
$200 per session or $500 for 3 days
Stabling $50/night or $100/weekend
Auditing fee: $50/day or $100 for 3 days

Zone 2 4/28/17
TCP Clinic - Bernie Traurig - Zion, IL

Buena Vista Farm
2'3''-2'9'' Low and Green Hunters/Jumpers
3'+ Hunters/Equitation with a derby theme
3'-3'6'' Jumpers and Equitation
3'6''+ Jumpers

Zone 5 5/7/17
TCP Clinic - Julie Winkel - Bluemont, VA

Encore Stables
Four, 1.5 hour groups each day with 8 riders per group
2'6'' and below

$500 for both days, includes lunch
$550 for TCP credit
Auditing fee: $50/day or $75 for both days, additional $25 for TCP credit
$15/day trailer-in fee

Zone 3 5/12/17
TCP Clinic - George Morris - Redmond, WA

Watch talented riders receive instruction over 3', 3'6", and 4' courses set on the grass grand prix field with open water, ditches, and elevated bank. Includes daily round table discussions with the former coach of the US Team.

Please click here for more information.

$800 per rider
$250 Stall Fee (weekend)
Auditing fee: $120/day or $300 for 3 days

Zone 9 5/19/17
TCP Clinic - Julie Winkel - New Alexandria, PA

Hi Acre Stables
Young/Green Hunter
Novice Rider
Children's/Adults Hunter
Derby/Big Hunter
Children's/Adults Jumpers
Young/Green Jumpers
Big Jumpers
Divisions will include a round table discussion for both dayse

Zone 2 7/3/17
Alina Brazzil
(859) 225-6705