College Equestrian Lettering Program

Who says all the fun and sense of pride from lettering in your favorite sport has to end after high school? The USHJA, in partnership with the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association, is proud to offer the USHJA/IHSA College Equestrian Lettering Program.

Eddie Federwisch, an IHSA Board member, suggested the program, stating that it was "long overdue for college riders to receive the same type of recognition on their campuses that other varsity athletes do."

The new program open to all full-time undergraduate students attending a two- or four-year college or university. Students must also be current members in good standing with both the IHSA and USHJA - this can be under the categories of Active, Associate, Outreach or Life. The college or university must be an IHSA member in good standing, as well.



The dates of the program run June 1 through May 31. Students must complete at least 100 hours of equestrian training during the program dates. Hours can be accumulated via riding lessons, practice rides, team practices, clinics and competitions. Collegiate riders must compete in a minimum of two IHSA horse shows and participate as a competitor, unless otherwise defined below, in at least two of any of the following events during the program dates:

  • USEF hunter/jumper competitions
  • USHJA Outreach Competitions
  • State or local horse show association sanctioned horse shows
  • IHSA regional, zone, or national horse show
  • American National Riding Commission Nationals
  • Clinic listed on USHJA Directory of Clinics (rider or auditor)
  • USHJA Emerging Athletes Program (rider or auditor)
  • USHJA Horsemanship Quiz Challenge Nationals
  • USHJA Trainer Certification Clinic (rider or auditor)
  • USHJA zone clinic (rider or auditor)
  • Teresa L. McDonald IHSA Scholarship Challenge
  • USHJA Annual Meeting (registered attendee)

   Application to the Program

To apply to the Collegiate Equestrian Athlete Program, please click the button below. The button will direct you to the USHJA Online Membership login page. Once logged in, the site will re-direct you to the Collegiate Equestrian Program page automatically.

How To Register

The completed registration form, along with the appropriate fee payment, must be processed by USHJA before moving on to the next phase. USHJA will send each student instructions regarding proper use of the online CELP Participation Log Book. Once completed, the Log Book and all associated documentation must be submitted to USHJA before May 31 of the current program year (i.e. deadline of May 31, 2014 for the program year of June 1, 2013 – May 31, 2014). Students who successfully complete the program have the opportunity to order a USHJA CELP patch and USHJA pin through to adorn their favorite letterman jacket. Equestrian athletes enrolled in the program can also purchase a special varsity jacket and other CELP merchandise through

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