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The mission of the USHJA Horsemanship Quiz Challenge is to educate and recognize young equestrians who have exceptional horsemanship knowledge. Quiz Levels One, Two and the HQC Finals test horsemanship knowledge, using a multiple-choice and true/false test with an additional hands-on practicum component incorporated into the HQC Finals. The goal of this program is to ignite each youth’s passion for advancing his horsemanship knowledge and make it an integral part of his equestrian life.

The HQC was created through the vision of Elaine Schott of the USHJA Youth Committee. Schott says, "During the winter months, my barn has a monthly chili/spaghetti dinner where we play my made-up version of equine trivia, Jeopardy style. The evening will have a planned topic, such as disease and wellness, parasites, tack and equipment, conditioning, et cetera. It is a wonderful barn bonding opportunity, as well as very educational. All of us leave having learned a great deal and eager to participate next month. I thought of the Quiz Challenge Program virtually by taking it a step further than my winter barn clinics."


2014 HQC Finals

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Official study guide of the HQC; covers topics that include horse identification, anatomy, nutrition, riding theory and welfare. The Horsemanship Study Guide is available to everyone interested in expanding their equine knowledge.

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