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Zone 5 covers Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio.

Zone 5 Members Encouraged to Vote for Inaugural Horseman of the Year Award

USHJA Zone 5 is pleased to announce a new award program being launched this fall. The USHJA Zone 5 Horseman of the Year will be awarded annually and will recognize those dedicated individuals who have contributed time, knowledge, treasury and/or other assistance to the betterment of the sport (Read More)

Zone 5 members are encouraged to vote for one selection per category by completing the Online Ballot no later than 5:00 pm (CT) Friday, October 17, 2014. Once the ballot has closed a joint meeting of the Zone 5 Hunter and Zone 5 Jumper committees to be held later this fall and the two award recipients will be announced.

For additional information about the USHJA Zone 5 Horseman of the Year award program, please contact Matt McHugh at (859) 225-6705.


Committee minutes are a summary of the general discussion on the various topics on a committee's agenda. They are not a transcript and do not contain specific comments of individual committee members, but rather provide a sense of the discourse around the various agenda items.

Jumper February 3, 2014
Joint February 3, 2014
Joint September 23, 2013
Joint August 27, 2013
Hunter July 29, 2013

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