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Standlee: Hay, Have You Thought About Your Horse's Forage!
Dr. Stephen Duren and Dr. Tania Cubitt

Performance Horse Nutrition


As horse owners, trainers, and enthusiasts we all have spent many agonizing hours comparing feed tags on various bags of horse feed, trying to select the "best" one for our horse. We have also stared at supplements in the aisles of feed stores and in glossy advertisements in horsey magazines, wondering if this supplement could be the "magic" bullet that makes my horse better, healthier, faster, shinier, quieter, etc. However, the single highest volume ingredient in most horse diets is forage (hay/pasture). Have we put adequate thought into our horse's forage and the many benefits that high quality forage can have in a horse's diet? The following article will highlight the power of high quality forage in a horse's diet.

Apply to Host an EAP Regional Training Clinic!


Applications are now being accepted from facilities to host a 2015 EAP Regional Training Session. Regional Training Sessions are four and one half days in length with 24 riders and their horses being invited to attend.


The host facility does not have to be a show facility to be considered. Private farms, boarding facilities, universities, prep schools, et cetera may apply, as long as the facility can meet USHJA/EAP requirements.


To access the online application and to read the host facility requirements, please visit the EAP page of our website.

Nutrena: Pre and Probiotics in Horse Feed 

By: Megan Connelly  


While scanning information about various horse feeds, you may have come across the phrase 'contains prebiotics and probiotics'....Hmmm, sounds impressive, but what are they, what do they do for your horse, and why are they important?  Pre- and probiotics are considered "functional ingredients" that are added to horse feed to provide benefits to your horse. Here is some information about them and what they can mean for the digestive tract and overall wellbeing of your horse.


Equestrian Professional

Rider Promotion - Taking A Hold of the Reins That Shape Your Career

By: Elisabeth McMillan


If riding, training and competing are a big part of your equestrian career, it is essential that you understand and engage in self promotion.  


Your ability to promote yourself can drastically affect the number and quality of horses in your barn and what you get paid to ride, train and compete with them.  It also directly affects the direction and longevity of your career.


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2014 USHJA Trainer Certification
Program Clinics 

Attendance at a recognized USHJA Trainer Certification Program Clinic will count towards the enrollment requirements for the Trainer Certification Program.

Hunter's Run Stables in Temperance, MI 
Zone 59/1/2014
TCP Clinic - Karen Healey - San Juan Capistrano, CA
Rancho Mission Veijo Riding Park, San Juan Capistrano, CA
Zone 10

TCP Clinic - George Morris - Birmingham, AL 

George Morris TCP Clinic at Blackjack Farms in Birmingham, AL 

Zone 4

TCP Clinic - George Morris - Redmond, WA 

Buffalo Therapeutic Riding Center in Buffalo, NY
Zone 2

 TCP Clinic - Geoff Teall - Thompson's Station, TN 

The Jaeckle Centre, Thompson's Station, TN
Zone 5
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