Green Hunter Section Name Changes and Age Verification for Young Hunters

Comprehensive rule changes, which are designed to enhance the Young and Green horse pipeline in the Hunter ring, were discussed, fine-tuned and passed during the USHJA and USEF Annual Meetings, held December 2015 and January 2016, respectively.

As of December 1, 2016, the Green Hunter nomenclature of Pre-Green, First Year and Second Year Green Hunter were replaced with a simpler, more descriptive naming structure: Green Hunter 3'0", 3'3", 3'6" and 3'9". Each section will be A-rated by the United States Equestrian Federation.

Similarly, the Green Conformation Hunter will now be Green Conformation 3'6", and the Regular Conformation Hunter will be the High Performance Conformation Hunter.

At the same time, the USEF is adding Young Hunter sections offered at 3'0", 3'3" and 3'6". In order to compete in these sections, horses will have to have their age verified with USEF.

A horse's age can be verified in two ways:

1) registration papers or passport issued by a World Breed Federation Sport Horse-recognized registry; or
2) registration papers of Certificate of Pedigree from a breed or sport horse registry. If a horse does not have registry papers, the owner may contact one of the WBFSH registries that will take them through a registry examination and issue registry papers.

The new structure differentiates a Young horse from a Green horse, while allowing flexibility between the two sections.

Green Hunter Basics:
  • "A" Rated
  • Horses in any Green Hunter section must jog for soundness
  • Two competition years of combined eligibility in the 3'0" and 3'3" Green Hunter sections (horses may compete at either fence height)
  • Once a horse competes at 3'6":
    • The horse is no longer eligible for 3'0"
    • The horse remains eligible for the 3'3" section for the remainder of that competition year until it competes in any 3'6" hunter or equitation class at 5 or more competitions. At which time that competition year becomes the horse's Green Hunter 3'6" year
  • One competition year of eligibility in the 3'6" Green Hunter section
  • One competition year of eligibility in the 3'9" Green Hunter section
  • Only jumper experience earned after a horse begins competing in any hunter or equitation class set at 3'0" or higher will affect their Green Hunter eligibility
Young Hunter Basics:
  • "A" Rated
  • No jog required
  • Eligibility is based on the horse's Green Hunter status and restricted by its age
  • To compete, a horse's age must be verified by the USEF (A horse's age is based on the age it turns in the calendar year. Ex. Horse born May 2010 is 7 years old for the 2017 competition year, which begins December 1, 2016.)
  • 3'0" section is for horses age 5 and under
  • 3'3" section is for horses age 6 and under
  • 3'6" section is for horses age 7 and under

Verifying a Horse's Age

To verify a horse's age, competitors need the horse's name, USEF or USHJA number (same number), and one of the following: registration papers or a passport issued by a World Breed Federation Sport Horse (WBFSH) recognized registry, or registration papers or Certificate of Pedigree from a breed or sport horse registry. Submit this information to USEF through the MY USEF My Way account online or by mailing or faxing a copy of the papers or passport, along with the horse's name and number, to USEF. If a horse's registry or passport papers are under a different name, please enclose a letter detailing the old name and new name.

Click here for age verification instructions from USEF.

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