Zone Competitor Information

This page is designed to educate members and competitors on understanding USHJA membership requirements, points, programs and local opportunities within their zone.

Designate "Hunter" or "Jumper"

It is of upmost importance for all USHJA members to designate a primary discipline. Members can designate a primary discipline on the membership form (or online membership) or submit a request in writing to USHJA. Members that are not "hunter" or "jumper" designated do not have a vote in USHJA elections. Undesignated members also are not counted towards the zone's year-end financial allotment. This allotment is based on the number of members that have declared "hunter" or "jumper" as a primary designation.

USHJA Rule Resource

Visit the USHJA rule resource for rule changes, new rules and other rule-related information.

USHJA Zone Horse of the Year Awards Program

Not to be confused with the USEF National Horse of the Year Program, USHJA Zone HOTY awards are earned by participating in competitions in your home zone. Please note that not all USHJA Zone HOTY awards have a corresponding USEF National HOTY award.

What is needed to compete for USHJA Zone Horse of the Year Awards?

1. USHJA Horse Registration (one-time fee)
2. USEF Horse Recording (annual or life membership)
3. USHJA Current Active/Competing Membership (required for owner, rider and trainer)
4. USEF Active Competing Membership (required for owner, rider and trainer)

USEF and USHJA active competing memberships are required in order to compete at USEF competitions for the owner, rider, and trainer, or individuals will be subject to Show Pass Fees.

The USHJA Zone HOTY awards were developed at the zone level and include: a variety of hunter, jumper, and equitation sections. In order to view which sections are available in your zone, visit your home zone's webpage.

Hunter: Children's hunters (which can be broken into children’s hunter horse and children’s hunter pony), adult amateur hunter and pony hunter breeding. The pre-green section is offered in all zones. Children's hunters, adult amateur hunters and pre-green sections are based on the C-rated points chart, regardless the rating of the competition per USEF Rule GR1131.

Jumper: Children’s and adult jumper, pony jumper, 5-year old, 6-year old and 7/8-year old jumper USHJA Zone HOTY awards are based on the number of entries that competed in the class and assigned points per USEF Rule GR1133. The USHJA Zone HOTY Awards for junior jumper and amateur owner jumper sections will be based on one point for every dollar won in their classification at regular competitions.

Receive USHJA Zone HOTY and USEF National HOTY Points

The regular working, green working, amateur owner, conformation hunter, junior hunter, pony hunter and classics are awarded USHJA zone points as well as national USEF points. USHJA zone points are only awarded if horse and rider are competing within their home zone. The USHJA zone points for the regular working, green working, amateur owner, conformation hunter, junior hunter and pony hunter divisions are based on the B-rated points chart, regardless the rating of the competition.

USHJA zone points are can only be accrued if the competition follows the zone specifications.

Points in Contiguous States and Countries

A contiguous state or country is a state or country outside of a particular zone that is defined by the owner's home zone. A home zone is determined by the owner's state of residence according to USEF as of the date the owner renews his or her membership. View a list of zones and states/countries considered contiguous to each zone by clicking here.

Points accumulated in a state or country contiguous to an owner’s home zone may be counted toward Horse of the Year points at both the zone and national level. If a contiguous state or country offers a section that is not offered by the owner's home zone, points will not count at the zone level, but they will be counted towards USEF national HOTY awards. Stirrup Cup points may only be accumulated in an owner’s home zone; points accumulated in a contiguous state or country never count toward Stirrup Cup awards.

Find a Competition in Your Area

Search for competitions on the USEF Competition Calendar. The calendar allows you to search for competitions by state, zone and discipline type. You do not need to fill in every field to search for a competition.

Clinics and Programs

The USHJA Directory of Clinics is a resource for clinic organizers and members to view educational events occurring throughout the country. USHJA has a variety of programs available ranging from educational program to competitive programs.


USHJA offers a variety of point based awards for competitors. Be sure to check out the awards page to see the different awards available.

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